YellowTalk – Standard Terms and Conditions Related to Pre-paid Calling Cards

These terms and conditions apply to the YellowTalk Calling pre paid calling Cards. For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions the word ‘you’ shall include any Authorised User where the context so permits; Authorised Users are those individuals, including yourself, who you have authorised to use some or all of the credit on the account and who have agreed to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

Our agreement
This agreement begins, and these Standard Terms and Conditions are effective and deemed accepted by all Authorised Users, when the Calling Card you use has been activated, via a telephone keypad or other approved medium, by an Authorised User entering the unique PIN found on each Calling Card on first use.
There will be a separate account, and the commencement of a separate contract, for each Calling Card purchased. Charges (being the charges for services that you use) will be applied to this account until such time as all credit available on that account has been used or expired.

Providing services
We will try to ensure the services are made available to you, but sometimes they may be affected by things we cannot control, for example, the weather, interruptions to services from suppliers and faults in other IT networks. Certain services may be suspended but we will endeavour to give as much notice of this as practical.
The services are made available provided:
i. they are not used for anything illegal, immoral or improper;
ii. if they are used for telecommunications services, they are not used to make offensive or nuisance calls;
iii. they are only used with equipment approved for use with the network (and which have not been lost or stolen) and all relevant laws and rules are followed;
iv. you provide information reasonably asked for from time to time and do not give any false information;
v. all reasonable instructions given to you are followed;
vi. all deposits relating to the Calling Card have been received by us

Expiry of the Calling Card
Each Calling Card will expire either:
i. In accordance with the expiry date as set out on the Calling Card.
ii. If no such expiry date is set out on the Calling Card, twelve months after first used.
iii. When the actual cash received for credit on the Calling Card has been used up.
iv. No refund will be made in respect of any unused credit left on the Calling Card at the time it is expired.

Allowing Access to Credit
You are deemed to have implicitly Authorised Users to use credit remaining on a Calling Card by:-
i. providing them with the relevant PIN code; or
ii. calling a YellowTalk Number; or
iii. transferring airtime credit to them.

Monitoring of calls
Calls received by the Company may be monitored and recorded. This may be done to improve the service which is provided, to ensure compliance with practices and procedures and where, for example, a contract is entered into by such call and the recording will provide evidence of the transaction.

Disclosure of Personal Information
Where we have told you in advance, certain information may be disclosed to third parties such as the network service provider for purposes solely connected with the provision of service via their networks. Where required or permitted by law, information may be provided to others, such as the Police or the relevant Tax Authorities.

Protection of Your Personal Information
We use strict security measures in order to protect personal information. From time to time, this may include checking your identity when you telephone us, encrypting data on our websites and other measures in order to ensure compliance with all applicable legal requirements.

We are only liable to you as set out in this agreement. We have no other duty or liability to you. We are not liable to you in any way for any loss of income, business or profits, or for any loss or damage that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time you entered this agreement. We are not liable to you in respect of the products or services ordered from other companies using our Calling Card. We will not be liable to you if services cannot be provided because of something beyond our control.

When we may suspend or disconnect the services
Any of the services may be suspended or made unavailable without warning if:
i. our systems break down or need maintenance. We will try to make sure this does not happen often;
ii. You do not keep to the conditions of this agreement, or any other agreement with us;
iii. you damage the network or puts it at risk, or abuses or threatens our staff;
iv. we are required to comply with an order, instruction or request of any government body, any emergency service organisation, or any other person or organisation with the appropriate authority; or
v. You choos not to make use of the Calling Card for 365 days or more.
We can charge you the reasonable costs incurred by us for reconnecting you to the services.

When the agreement ends
We can cancel this agreement immediately if any of the following happens:
i. You break an important condition of this agreement or a number of less important conditions;
ii. You break a less important condition of this agreement and does not put it right within 7 days of us asking them to;
iii. the service providers no longer makes the service available;
iv. your service has been suspended or disconnected under 7(a)(ii), (iii), (iv) or (v); or
v. any of the provisos for use of the services set out in 3(b)(i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) are not complied with.
You can cancel this agreement at any time for any reason.
If this agreement is cancelled your Calling Card will be disconnected and you will not be able to use the services at all.
If you decide to cancel this agreement because charges are increased, services are withdrawn or there is any other change to this agreement, and your account is in credit, we will refund the amount of such unused credit. In order to claim your refund you must contact Customer Services within 30 days of the date of the change. A service charge of £5 will be made for refunding credit.